Friday, September 11, 2015

Thing of Interest!: Damn, Pokemon Go Is Inspiring

Nintendo is pushing Pokemon on mobile well ahead of any apps coming from the DeNA partnership, and who can blame them when they can create that cool of an ad for Pokemon Go. Seriously, the last time I got the chills from Pokemon was when I first watched Pokemon the Movie in theaters when I was eight. This ad destroyed my emotions and I am really looking forward to playing Pokemon Go in 2016.

Did I mention how great this ad was? It's just filled with people stoked to play Pokemon and find new challengers out in the world, it's a poke-nerd dream come true!

Go seems to be the best win win in the mobile vs Nintendo situation. Instead of porting the classic games to smart phones, Go allows Pokemon/Nintendo to put out something fairly original with a strong Pokemon catch, battle, trade backbone, who doesn't like that? They're even throwing in that little poke-bit thing, which I will wear with pride.

It's hard to not see this as a great move for Nintendo/Pokemon. With critics saying Nintendo is doomed, a big original app may be just the thing to diversify games and shut up some nay sayers.

Pokéngly yours,