Friday, September 11, 2015

Quick Thoughts: Mario Maker

I just picked up Mario Maker this morning and I've been playing around with it for the past couple of hours with girlfriend/roommate. It definitely lives up to the hype of being fun and simple to use. Putting a level together takes little time/effort and can be whatever you want it to be. Playing other people's stages is simple if not a little unorganized, but since each level has a ID code, it should be pretty easy to share levels with people you know.

While designing a level is easy, designing a good level is quite difficult. I have 0 experience making any kind of video game level for others so this will be a bumpy road. Additionally, you only start with very basic tools to create the levels. Other items are unlocked after a certain amount of play. We've gotten some of these items but will probably need to do a lot more before we have everything we want.

The Amiibo skins are really cool looking, but are a little wonky in game since they transform your appearance, but not your size acting as a psuedo-mushroom.

Many of the levels currently put out by the community are a little too gimmicky, but they can be fun in a NES Remix meets WarioWare kind of way. Some "hard" courses are actually just poorly made.

The lady in the manual menu is named Mary O. and she is my new crush.

This game is really cool and I look forward to seeing the community develop around it.

Here are the three novice levels we designed.

  • 9EBB-0000-0016-D009
  • 2114-0000-0016-792C
  • E92B-0000-0016-080F

Mario Makingly yours,