Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Semi-Creative Thought: Mario Maker 3DS

Surely I can't be the first to think this would be cool. Since the release of Super Mario Maker on the the eleventh of September, there have been over 1 million levels created, surely this could be done on the go. I think the 3DS would be a happy home for a version of the sandbox create your own Mario game.

But, what would be the point, the Wii U has everything you want?

Not quite. If you were looking for a full line up of Mario history, ignoring his many jaunts on handheld consoles would be a sorry mistake. While these may not compare in popularity to games like Super Mario Bros. 3, Games like Super Mario Land and its sequel SML: 6 Golden Coins are important to Mario-dom and pretty fun if not a little weird.

Who knows about these games? that sounds like a dumb idea that wouldn't sell.

Maybe not, but how many 10 year olds are familiar with the old Mario games enough to get a kick out of making those levels. A lot more now that Super Mario Maker is out.

Still sounds far fetched.

Fair enough, but what about this. a 3DS game that allows you to work on levels on the go? even if it didn't have everything, having the main stuff and a couple of the generations would allow people to put stuff together on the go, upload it for the 3DS version, or transfer it over to the Wii U where you can finish them up an upload them for Wii U. You could even share the older generations between the two, if that's possible. Either way, I want to be able to Mario-make on the go, as unlikely as it is that Nintendo would do something like this.

Don't stay too attached to that Wii U/3DS, there are patents out for the new system so they are just pushing games to that.

If those designs closely resemble a final product for the NX, I will eat a (medium-sized) raw onion and post the video. I think people like to jump the gun on this type of speculation because console sneak peaks are the only spoilers generally liked by anyone. It sounds like NX will drop in 2016, but until Nintendo officially shows it off, I wouldn't trust the speculation. Even when they show it off it'll probably change some before we actually get to go buy it.

You just wanted the ant enemies from SML: 6 Golden Coins didn't you?

Pretty much, I think they're cute.

Handheldidly yours,