Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Semi-Creative Thought: My Mind On Mario Maker

Power button. Quick start menu. Mario Maker. The disc is already in. Tap the little blonde Mii. Title screen.

Make. Reset default level. What do I want to make? Fuck. I should have come up with something ahead of time. What's the schtick? Should I have a schtick? why can't I just make a good realistic level. Let's make some maze type pathways. Shit, I forgot to pick a generation. SMB3.  What about wall jumps? SMBU. But the colors in World are really cool, but the spinny-jump and kicking enemies is weird. Ok, I'm sticking with World. Can I shake the generations? No.

What theme. Ground is classic but might seem to beginner when I upload it. I never liked the underground colors. Maybe other people do. Water can go die. I don't have the chops to do a good ghost house. That shit has to have layers. Airship always looks nice. Ugh, why is the camera moving? Can I shake that away? What can I shake? Let's shake everything! Ah yeah, Wiggler is piiiiiiiissed!

Okay the maze is filled with angry Wigglers. Is that fun? I'll make this a Bowser castle. It's like an ant hill from Hell. Wigglers aren't ants, but they don't have the Six Golden Coins enemies. People will get that right? I'll give it a clever title. Maybe I should just be blunt with the name. Bowser's Ant Hill. The Wiggler Tunnel.

Are sound effects tacky? Can I shake them? Yes! I like the noises, but the added screen effects can be too distracting. Use sparingly and seemingly at random. What if they jump over the square? Make a wall! Ok, what kind of surprises should be in this level. Hidden blocks with 1ups for the level combers. Should I give power ups? Is that too easy? They can have some mushrooms.

Ok, this looks alright lets play it. I made an impossible jump. Edit. Upload. Did I get through that too quickly. Pause. Edit. Upload. That took me 3 tries and I made it. Is this too hard? Upload. Share code on twitter.

Why hasn't anyone played yet? If I play it does it count? Apparently not. What's on top with stars. Don't press anything. Does that even count as a level? Will that ever get topped or will people keep seeing it there and give it more stars? Someone played my level! No star, they didn't complete it. It's too hard. Fuck.

Why don't I have sub-levels yet? I do!

Anxiously yours,