Friday, September 25, 2015

Thing of Interest!: Plague of Shadows Complete!

I completed the Plague of Shadows DLC last night. Here are some quick thoughts on the pseudo-sequel to Yacht Club Game's first game.

It's a really cool take on the world of Shovel Knight. It takes place at the same time as Shovel Knight's journey to defeat the Order Of No Quarter and the Sorceress. Plague Knight has ulterior motives and in many ways turns against the order while sticking to the story of Shovel Knight.

The platforming in this adventure is a very different take on the game. Plague Knight, when used effectively can jump through large areas using jumps, explosions and a couple extra tricks he has. Additionally, combat is much more customizable with multiple effects to choose from, once purchased. The downside to that gameplay is learning to jump in and out of the pause menu, but it is a small bump in the long run.

The overworld is identical to the previous adventure, but interacting with certain places is vastly different since you are this loathed little weirdo who likes bombs. Finding armor, shops, etc. is all different.

Overall, this was a great expansion, especially for the $0 price tag. It reminds me of the second quest idea from The Legend of Zelda where players were treated to extra adventure content if they input a certain character name. Considering the very retro feel of Shovel Knight this callback is not a surprise.

Check out Plague of Shadows on your copy of Shovel Knight or go get it! It's a good value.

Plague-ingly Yours