Monday, October 19, 2015

Thing of Interest! BitBoy + Gameboy Camera Review

There were many material things I wanted as a child. Of these things I desired, few have lasted to my adulthood. One that has stuck around is my wanting Gameboy Camera to take all the great 8-bit lo-fi photos I can. Until recently, I had no reason to get Gameboy Camera,  as uploading them to a computer was a roundabout process. However, with the recent limited release of the BitBoy, I indulged in ordering a camera with the ability to quickly put them on my computer and online.

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There isn't much to review with the BitBoy,  it works well by emulating a printer for the camera. It puts the photos on an SD card which is easy to empty onto a computer. It is easy to use and works as expected. It is a little pricey for it's functionality, but it seems to be the only thing on the market that can do this task with ease.

The Gameboy Camera is as weird as it ever was. I can take these hard to shoot photos that range from halfway visible to completely unreadable. I then can stamp goofy things on them, including select Pokemon Red/Blue sprites, and add a frame. It does about as much as you'd expect for that era with a little bit more.

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If you're looking for a cool lo-fi camera, you can pick up everything you need for around $100, but you'll have to wait and see if there is a second batch of BitBoys coming.

5 out of 5 pixelated stars.